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Leadership Vacuum

Our current Sunday Series:

Strong leaders create ripple effects that produce great things, while weak leaders create ripple effects that perpetuate undesirable outcomes…

Rebuilding leadership, on a national, corporate, or family level is not a function of inserting a single, great individual at the top of a corporation or government — but rather a function of many people, from all walks of life, making a commitment to leadership. To learn and develop leadership. To teach it to others, and lead by example. If we all strive to become better people, to become leaders, we can achieve great things together over time.

The power of one person to effect change should not be underestimated. The individual can not only change their own life, but the lives of countless others if they try. Most leaders will never be known or famous, but that isn’t the point or purpose. The effects of their actions still ripple outwards for generations to come.

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